Lakecrest COVID policies, May 2022

COVID remains a major public health concern. The CDC recently raised the risk level in Berkshire County from low to moderate.

The Board has established the following policies to reduce everyone’s risk from the current highly contagious variants. The Board will continue to monitor the data and will update these guidelines from time to time if circumstances warrant.
1. Residents and guests who are fully vaccinated, boosted if appropriate, and free of infection may use all facilities without restriction.
2. Residents and guests who are not fully vaccinated may not enter the lodge, including the clubhouse, gym, and basement facilities.
3. Residents and guests who have a medical exemption from vaccination and children too young to be eligible for vaccination can enter the clubhouse but must be masked at all times.
4. If you have been exposed to COVID, have tested positive for COVID, or have symptoms of COVID, you should follow the CDC guidelines for quarantining and isolating (see link below).
5. If you test positive, you should promptly inform all people with whom you have been in close contact. You should also inform the Board president.

Background information:
The CDC risk estimate for our county is updated on Thursdays. You can find it at by typing Berkshire County in the box labeled “COVID in Your Community”.

You can find the CDC guidelines for quarantining and isolation at 

The Board strongly urges all residents to keep COVID rapid tests at home in case of exposure or symptoms. Note that rapid tests have a high false negative rate for the first several days after exposure. The lowest false negative rate is 5 days after exposure.